Sunday, 29 June 2014

Noooon, je ne regrette rien...

So, we're approaching the end. We're on the home stretch. I return to rainy old England in less than two weeks (where on earth has the time gone???).

I worked my final day as Kelly's stagiaire, and left the infamous coworking office behind (coworking to be said in a French accent). That's right, no more kissing 15 people before I can actually get to my desk, no more disguising the constant rustling of foil as I try to hide my chocolate addiction, no more getting laughed at for my subconscious sighing (I sigh when I'm concentrating apparently). 
Fond farewell to the office door.
I had a lovely dinner and night on the town with some of the more lively coworking members (i.e. my sort-of colleagues). I finally got to introduce the French (and Australian and American) group members to the wonders of Pimm's, following many conversations that went something like this:

Me (on looking outside and seeing the blazing sunshine): Aw, the weather's so lovely! Exactly the right weather for Pimm's

Coworker 1: Pimm's?

Coworker 2: You mean the biscuits?

Me (remembering that Pim's is a brand of biscuits/cakes in France): Er... no. It's a type of alcohol that you drink in summer with lemonade and fruit and stuff.

Coworker 3: But... what actually is it?

Me: ...

Coworkers: ...

Me: ... Er, it's Pimm's!

These people haven't even heard of scones either! There is a lot of work to be done in this country.
They know how to party in the Basque Country!
This last week has also involved much variation in the weather (blazing heat can change to pouring rain in a matter of seconds), singing at the FĂȘte de la musique (traditional thing on the 21st June with loads of open-air concerts) with my church choir, and the arrival of the New Stagiaire: Alison.

Her arrival kind of snuck up on me, since Kelly and I had been working flat out on a huge translation project, and I'd barely had time to notice the days flying by. But suddenly Saturday arrived, and so did Alison. I didn't really know anything about her beforehand, except that she studies at Oxford and spent part of her year abroad in South America. So when I arrived home from the supermarket to find all her stuff moved in (did I mention we would be sharing a room?), I naturally attempted a detailed character analysis based on the clothes and books that had appeared on the hastily tidied other half of my room. Findings = inconclusive. I had to dash out again to the aforementioned choir concert. So it wasn't until first thing the next morning that we woke up in adjacent beds and made our awkward British introductions.

But turns out she ain't so bad really! (Whaddup Walsh!) Although we have been working together on translations at work this past week, and I get the impression Kelly thinks our discussions would come to blows if she didn't step in! (It's just an animated debate! Nothing to fret over!)

So that's nice.
"What are you doing?" "Oh, you're just going to make an appearance on my blog.."
(N.B. the rucksack on the bed is mine... I'm the worst roommate ever! Though actually I did paint her nails...)
But, sadly, nothing lasts forever. I'm leaving Patricia's today to free up the bed for a 16-year-old Spanish girl, and going to stay at Kelly's for a week. Soon I will have to actually walk more than a few paces to get the beach (madness!), and won't be surrounded by constant French and cries of "non, mais franchment!". Sad times indeed.

That reminds me, I should probably get packing!

A la prochaine, Anglet!

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